Booth construction and installation notices

Update:Jun 2019,28

A good booth construction and layout will enable the ex […]

A good booth construction and layout will enable the exhibits to maximize the quality of the exhibits and reflect the strength of the publicity. Thereby increasing the customer's attention and increasing the customer's trust, so as to effectively promote business contacts. Therefore, for each exhibition, the poor construction and layout of the booth is crucial to the success of the exhibition.

Regardless of which exhibition, the booth construction is divided into international standard booths and special equipment. Most of the special equipments are independent large-scale booths of individual companies. For special customers, the choice of special installations has fully demonstrated the company's strength. As well as the clarification of the purpose of the exhibition and the "ambition" of the transaction volume.

For the standard booth customers, perhaps more want to understand this market and participate in the exhibition through various exhibition organizations, in the form of a whole pavilion. For the customers participating in the group exhibition, there are not many understandings about the booth construction. There is not much communication with the construction company alone. So how to create a customary tacit agreement between the exhibitors, the group units and the contractor to ensure that Is the exhibition going even better?

First of all, starting from the exhibitors, for the special customers, there is no group unit in the middle, which is convenient for direct communication with the contractor. First, it is necessary to choose a contractor. It must be a qualified, strong, and credible contractor to be able to ensure that "there is a response" to meet all the requirements for building. The special equipment is more unique and malleable than the ordinary booths, and can be diversified. Therefore, the exhibitors have any questions and requirements for the construction, and the overall structure, small to detailed materials should form a good communication, let The contractor fully understands the needs of exhibitors and guarantees a win-win situation in the construction project.

The next step is to choose the appropriate means of display. The international standard booth has limitations in the overall structure, but the same can be achieved in the layout of the booth. How to win in this link? The number of exhibits should be clarified, and the method of exhibiting the exhibits should be clarified. The flexible treatment method should be selected according to the different exhibits, and the appropriate exhibits should be selected to design a perfect display pattern. In order to best display the product and company image. Similar to the exquisite packaging of goods, the grade of the exhibits has been successfully upgraded. In general, the contractor will provide exhibitors with a list of exhibits before the show. Therefore, it is best to lease in advance to avoid re-leasing on-site. There are many customers in large-scale exhibitions. Many customers can't avoid various problems on the spot. If the construction personnel can't provide exhibitors with the first time to provide exhibits, it will cause the exhibition. Serious impact. The disadvantage of on-site leasing is that the price is higher than 20% of the lease in advance, the unpredictable supply is in short supply, and there is no diversification of choice. If the exhibitor's display method is mainly for the display of advertisements, it is necessary to know the structure of the entire exhibition, the size of the exhibition panels and other related issues before the exhibition, so as to prepare in advance.

Secondly, the group unit serves as a bridge between exhibitors and contractors. Specialized customers can learn the most reliable contractor information from the organizers. If they can make reasonable recommendations to the company, they will save the exhibitors a lot of screening time. The construction of a standard exhibition will generally form a whole. The organizer can often decide the image of the whole. If the overall elevation of the flag can be selected on the overall image, the whole team can be integrated and the exhibitor will be given a Brand new, face.