What are the tips for booth construction

Update:Jan 2019,25

When constructing the booth, pay attention to the size […]

When constructing the booth, pay attention to the size of the booth. The booth design area has a lot of important functions in the booth. Some foreign exhibitors usually apply for larger booths. The larger booth space can be visually obtained. For better visual effects, there is a great extension in space. On the contrary, domestic exhibitors will not have too much space when choosing booths, and there will be a relatively narrow feeling when viewed in multiple directions.
Secondly, pay attention to the comparison of lighting and equipment. Some foreign exhibitors pay special attention to the combination of lighting and sound when choosing the booth. The lighting effect can be a good auxiliary function for the booth. Therefore, the choice of lighting when building the Shanghai booth should be based on the surrounding The environment is adjusted in a timely manner. When the lights are compared, the corporate image expressed by the booth is also very important. Some foreign exhibitors will use uniform design patterns and colors when exhibiting. Domestic exhibitors will carry out reasonable design and planning according to the requirements of exhibitors and the products to be exhibited. Make the booth construction and design more reasonable, and make the main body more prominent, to achieve the purpose of the exhibition.