What do I need to prepare to attend the exhibition?

Update:Nov 2018,01

First, business card collection box 1. At the exhibitio […]

First, business card collection box

1. At the exhibition held in China, almost every small exhibition box or small box can be seen at the reception desk of each exhibitor. Some are made of plexiglass, some are made of paper, and some are made of iron. Wait.

2, they are on the side of the words "Please give a business card", or "business card collection box" and other words. This is a must for exhibitors to get more contact information from buyers.

Second, the power outlet

1, a power outlet is far from enough, you must bring the board, through the board can be divided into multiple sockets to meet your needs, of course, the electricity should follow the rules of the exhibition, do not use it casually Socket and card.

Third, there are the following items:

1, the quotation form; the company's brochures and business cards, must bring enough; notebooks, staplers, enough staples and pens; according to product characteristics with scissors, scotch tape, tape measure, etc.; calculator battery ready; camera sufficient Electricity.

2, bring some foods that can fill the hunger, umbrellas; if possible, bring a candy plate, colorful candy, may attract customers at the time; prepare some small gifts with Chinese characteristics; laptop; if the product involves temperature, you need a thermometer .