Curved self-locking pop up backdrop stand

Curved self-locking pop up backdrop stand

Item #: XP0403-17004

Size: 4X3 (3X2.25M)

Your Price: $495

● Light weight pop up frame
● PVC panels with full color printing
● ABS Hard case for well-packing(as well a nice counter) 

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Pop up backdrop has a self-locking structure—which makes setup much easier and sturdy, only weighs 4.8kgs. 
● Lightweight—Pop up backdrop much lighter than normal pop up system which is 8kgs. Slim depth occupies less space and looks much stylish.
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Product Shows:






● LED light

● Packing:

1). ABS hard case S2 (as a Counter) Size: 62*41*96

2). Round trolley bag.



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