Booth production company analyzes booth layout skills

Update:Apr 2020,25

A variety of booths will be built at large and small ex […]

A variety of booths will be built at large and small exhibitions, and these booths are the capital of each company. If the booth is not beautifully built, it will not attract people's attention, so measures will be taken. Booth production is not so simple, there are many steps to follow, but there are some skills in the booth construction process, we follow the booth production company to see what production skills.

1. People-oriented: The booth layout is mainly to serve the exhibitors. People-oriented should be reflected in the booth layout, and the lifestyle of the exhibitors should be considered to bring a friendly exhibition environment for the exhibitors.

2. Conciseness: The more complex the booth, the easier it is for visitors to get lost, and the less likely it is to create a clear and strong impression. Ordinary people can only receive limited information in an instant. Visitors walk hurriedly, and if they cannot obtain clear information in an instant, they will not be interested. In addition, the complexity of the booth will also reduce the work efficiency of the booth staff.

3. Highlight the key points: The layout of the booth should have a center and a focus. The focus of the booth can attract the attention of visitors. The choice of focus should serve the purpose of the exhibition, and generally should be special products, new products, and more important products. But the focus is not much, usually only one. Too much focus will distract the visitor's attention, causing confusion and weakening the overall impression.

4. Arrangement of people flow: It may be that the more people the exhibition company wants to visit, the better, but we still have to control the people who go in and visit, and free tour will not be affected to show a good effect. Consider the size of the space. If it is crowded, the effect is definitely not good, and some people may lose their interest in looking down.

In fact, whether it is a large booth or a small booth, the construction process is very cumbersome, so in actual application should fully play the role of the booth to reduce damage to the booth