Booth stand construction must adhere to quality standards

Update:Mar 2019,22

1. The design of the components must conform to the req […]

1. The design of the components must conform to the requirements of the exhibition site, booth construction and road transportation. The construction and transportation of extra large components should be fully demonstrated.

2. The design must be reasonable in structure, safe and secure, in line with safety indicators, and must be strictly audited for aerial structures with large spans. Steel structure welding must meet standards.

3. The selection of the surface decoration materials should be safe and fire-proof, and the materials used in the exhibition halls such as fabrics, wallpapers and paints should not be used arbitrarily.

4. The shape of the suspended space should be firm and stable to prevent falling and bruising the personnel in the exhibition hall.

5. The circuit part should be wired by a qualified electrician. It is necessary to use national standard electric wires and electrical switches. All the wires must use fireproof string pipes, and use professional power distribution equipment. During the exhibition period, it must be equipped with electricians for on-site maintenance.

6. On-site lighting should be based on the exhibitor's on-site requirements to match the exhibitor's lighting effects on the exhibits and exhibition areas. The consumables should be backed up in the exhibition hall. The high-temperature lamps must be transported away from flammable products.

7. Art workers should accurately print the promotional materials such as pictures provided by Party A, and install them neatly. The pictures of the light box effect should be guaranteed. For all types of fonts, it is necessary to comply with the exhibitor's VI system. It is not allowed to change the fonts and ensure that the fonts are firmly pasted. Neon characters are not allowed in the exhibition hall.

8. Other quality standards should refer to local interior decoration quality standards.