What about the exhibition design in the overseas booth construction

Update:Mar 2019,28

First, clarify the theme, objectives and content of the […]

First, clarify the theme, objectives and content of the exhibition activities, and use the skills and skills mastered to creatively reflect and express the participants' intentions, styles and images to achieve the intended purpose and effect of the participants.
In the exhibition design, the audience is the main body of the exhibition. The purpose of the exhibition design is to meet the needs of the audience, to study the visual perception and aesthetic psychology of the audience, and to carry out ingenious artistic treatment of different exhibition contents.
The exhibition design has a large design space and many structural changes, especially the simplicity and complexity of the space composition. The rhythm changes of points, lines, faces, and bodies, as well as the shades of colors, will react differently to the viewer's visual feelings and emotions.
The design of the exhibition needs new, different and changing. Among the many designs, only the novel design will shine with extraordinary brilliance.
The exhibition design was carried out on the premise of transmitting letters and increasing the visibility of exhibitors. The quality of the exhibition design is not the total amount of money, but whether it reflects the advantages and characteristics of the exhibition, whether it reflects the image and intention of the participants, whether it can attract the attention of the audience, and obtain the best exhibition at the lowest cost. effect.