Highlights of booth production

Update:May 2020,14

The main points of the booth. 1. Make materials in adva […]

The main points of the booth.

1. Make materials in advance: The exhibition production factory should determine the corresponding size according to the location of the booth in advance; customize the corresponding texture materials in accordance with the style of the booth; And the light is submitted to the customer for review.

2. Modeling and construction: After entering the site, you must strictly follow the previously determined design plan. Special attention should be paid to the type of materials used. Individual factories may deduct materials. Although there is no difference in appearance of the finished product, the quality is far from the standard. After the booth is basically shaped, paint spraying and other processes are required. The paint used here must be environmentally friendly and harmless.

3. Packaging and installation: The overall packaging of the booth needs to pay attention to the protection of the corners to avoid bumps and scratches. The hardware parts for assembling each part also need to be wrapped up. Take care not to omit the situation, so as not to hinder the subsequent installation process. After the booth materials are transported to the designated location, they need to be disassembled and assembled in order. When assembling, pay attention to whether the configuration of the materials is fully in place. After the installation, the booth with the light tube should be connected to the power supply and used once to ensure that the use is not hindered.

The importance of planning.

Construction, lighting, color, charts, exhibits, display racks, exhibition equipment and other components should be integrated into one. Secondly, the planning and layout of booths and exhibits should be concise and circulated, and the photos, diagrams and texts should be concise and clear, and then show the respect and attention of satisfaction. After site selection, layout, lighting, audio-visual equipment and other outstanding key exhibits, planning from the perspective of the target audience.

The structure plan of the exhibition is detailed, which is convenient for repeated use of the booth, and shows the advantages and disadvantages of the planning plan. Generally speaking, this is regarded as the norm of "good function, outstanding image, and appearance cooperation", but the courage of structural planning and the repeatable modification of booths are also a key aspect of exhibition planners. Imagine that a company may participate in several exhibitions every year. If you pay a little attention, you can save a lot of money.

Before setting up the booth, you should make a reasonable plan for the booth, so as to facilitate the later stage of the booth construction and product promotion. At the exhibition, booths of all walks of life competed for each other. A good booth can not only effectively promote products, but also a kind of publicity for the company, which has also enhanced the company's reputation.

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