How is the design of the exhibition booth attractive?

Update:Jul 2018,26

1. Use the lights to make the small booths "bright" as […]

1. Use the lights to make the small booths "bright" as much as possible. Exhibitor ceiling spotlights are available at most exhibition centres, otherwise portable lighting systems can be rented. According to industry surveys, lighting can increase the visibility of exhibits by 30% to 50%.

2. Set up a theme exhibition booth. Large companies usually exhibit in traditional ways and rely on large-scale venues, so small businesses should highlight their small booths with novel designs.

3. Select suitable display products and exhibiting products according to the size of the booth to avoid overcrowding or looseness.

4, good at using modular exhibition equipment, to avoid the use of seemingly low-cost tables and chairs, should give people a "small but fine" feeling, the booth is decorated with taste.

5. Use a small amount of large pictures to create a strong visual sense. Pictures that are too dense or too small are not easy to read, and at the same time limit the use of text. And to place the picture above the line of sight, the picture should be placed 36 inches above the wall.

6, the booth decoration uses bold and eye-catching colors. This can be highlighted from a longer distance, avoiding neutral colors that are easy to blend into the background.

7. Set up a complete service-style exhibition booth and warmly welcome visitors to the booth to answer questions. Manuals, flyers, gifts and samples are placed on the table for visitors to ask for themselves without asking, not only the interaction between the merchant and the audience, but also the purpose of the exhibition.