What kind of exhibition booth design is a good design?

Update:Jul 2018,20

1, uniform design style If everyone's design style is t […]

1, uniform design style

If everyone's design style is the same at the exhibition, it is impossible to see who's booth is more distinctive. Some stalls are designed. The seesaw is European-style luxury. Add a display cabinet below. The consultation desk is American-style minimalist. If the design booth is so simple, it is estimated that few customers will be attracted to your booth. When designing, try not to be similar to other booth styles.

2, with visual impact

When designing the booth, the first sight the customer sees is the appearance of the booth. The design of the appearance can be more refined, and it is enough to attract talents to have a more visual impact.

3, the design meets the company's positioning

When designing a booth, be aware that the style you are designing is consistent with your product. When designing and setting up exhibition booths, each company's LOGO, customary colors, special styles and colors of the products can be the idea of designing booths.

4, environmental standards

When designing the booth style, it can be designed in a green format. In the current life, I have been promoting environmentally friendly life. At this time, I designed it into an environmentally friendly style. For example, the company's LOGO is based on green color. The whole booth can adopt the same color with green as the main body. Other colors make it a company with a green concept at a glance. This will not only deepen the green concept of exhibition equipment, but also emphasize that the exhibition equipment is green and environmentally friendly. Green environmental protection is also an important matter that the country has been advocating.

5. Culture

At the time of design, some local cultural practices can be added to deepen the customer's impression of the booth.

If you want to attract others, you have to be more attentive in the booth. “Because your unique design booth attracts customers”