How to arrange the exhibition booths to attract the attention of the public?

Update:Jul 2018,12

1. Let the buyer pay attention to get you at a glance T […]

1. Let the buyer pay attention to get you at a glance

There is a foreign senior exhibition booth designer who has the most direct explanation of “how to design the layout is most attractive”: a successful exhibition booth is a buyer who never knows the exhibitor, at first sight At the booth, the appearance of the booth is attracted, and the product of the exhibitor is known, which leads to know which company the booth is.

2. Choose the right location for the exhibition

To make an early decision to participate in the exhibition, exhibitors should try to choose the main passage, bathroom, restaurant or snack bar booth near the venue; it is best to see the booth from the entrance; avoid being surrounded by a larger booth Obscured; where the most direct opponent's booth is located, etc.

3. All kinds of exhibits are well placed.

After determining the location and size of the booth, the next step is to consider which products to display. The product features must be highlighted by eye-catching picture design, eye-catching colors, visually striking graphics, and special lighting effects. New or improved products or flagship products are placed in the eye, making it easy for buyers to see.

4. Art design shows the company name and product according to the actual situation

The function of the exhibition booth is to tell each viewer the name and product of your company, thus triggering the motivation and action of the purchase. Therefore, exhibitors must beautify the booths and highlight themselves in a personalized style to attract the audience. When designing and setting up exhibition booths, each company's LOGO, customary colors, special styles and colors of the products can be the idea of designing booths. For example, the company's LOGO is mainly based on green color. The whole booth can adopt the same color with green as the main body, and then accompany the other colors, so that people can see at a glance that it is a company with green environmental protection concept.