How to attract people for exhibition stand design

Update:Jun 2018,22

The "color" tempting color is the most easily infecting […]

The "color" tempting color is the most easily infecting person's psychology in all artistic representations, resulting in a "good and evil" judgment. The design object of the exhibition is the audience. Designers should try every means to make the audience feel “good”. Color is no exception. Color design is a key part of exhibition design and an important factor in success or failure. How to embody the exhibits, how to attract the audience, and how to vote for them in order to obtain the audience's emotional resonance are all worthy of careful consideration and grasp by the designer. "Harmony is the United States". The color of the logo is used as the color part of the exhibition design. Using the standard color and its approximate color will make it easier for the entire exhibition to form a harmonious and unified visual environment. In this way, the audience will be affected by this harmonious and pleasing environment when visiting the exhibition to achieve emotional pleasure. It is very important for exhibitors and the audience themselves to visit the exhibition with a good mood.Exhibition booth

The use of words to serve people mainly refers to text descriptions, illustrations, photo backgrounds and other aspects. It has the same important role as the exhibits, especially in the exhibition design of some small exhibits, the importance of the pictures is even more prominent. It plays an important role in conveying information about the company's products to the audience and impressing them. Designers are always doing everything possible to increase the intensity of information transmission using various means, mainly using direct, concise, easy to understand, easy to identify, easy to remember the screen, text to achieve. In the specific design, the size and orientation of the text should be determined according to the location of the exhibition and the flow of visitors. There is a need to “open the door” instead of a subtle expression. It takes a lot of time and energy for the audience to guess which company or product is unwise. To pass the information to the audience in the simplest and most direct way, the first is the direct use of the overall image of the corporate logo, which should be large enough and high enough to attract the distant, especially the just entering the exhibition hall. The audience found you and came to your show. Second, it is also necessary to arrange images with the same content but smaller size, so as to help the audience in the vicinity to know which company's exhibition. Because inside the exhibition visitors rarely looked up to see the habit of corporate logo. Marks are repeatedly used in the exhibition design to repeatedly stimulate the viewer's visual nerves in order to achieve the effect of repeated recognition and memory generation.

Move to the exhibition The basic shape of the exhibition is the skeleton of the entire exhibition, and it is the key to the formation of a large-scale exhibition design effect. The impact on the effect of farsightedness is particularly important. According to surveys, visitors’ first impressions of exhibitors always come from the exterior design of the exhibition design. This impression may last for a long time and directly affect the attitude and behavior of the visitors to the exhibitors and ultimately affect the exhibitors. effect. Without the experience of exhibition design, it is very likely that during the exposing time, it would be too hard for a small mistake to change the construction plan for big mistakes. Therefore, to come to Shenzhen Power to release the exhibition's collection and design tasks, several professional designers offer you the perfect solution to ensure that your exhibition design can attract enterprises or customers to participate in the exhibition.