How to build a booth to capture the hearts of the audience

Update:Feb 2019,27

In the exhibition, the booth construction can be said t […]

In the exhibition, the booth construction can be said to be the “facade” of the enterprise. The size, design and appearance of the booth must be perfect and meet the competition standards, so that the company can stand out in the exhibition hall. A successful booth construction is not so gorgeous, but how big its propaganda is, the corporate culture it expresses and the functionality and connotation of the exhibits.

So, what effect should the booth construction achieve? In short, it is to make the visitors look comfortable and sound, and fully mobilize the audience's emotions. Good booth design can help and strengthen the position of exhibiting companies and their products in the market, which requires two points in design:

First, the designed booth mode and display content are recognized by the audience as soon as possible.

Second, we must let the booth highlight the corporate culture and corporate image.

To achieve these two goals, the booth must be creative, and this creativity is not only reflected in the design ideas, but also needs to be reflected through the display tools.

In recent years, people's awareness of environmental protection has become higher and higher, and it is also a good way to build booths with system components. System components are more malleable, do not require a lot of manpower, and can easily turn a very unique design into reality, which can win a lot of time and reduce costs. Its advantage is: because the pre-production does not require a lot of manpower, so the price is reasonable; easy to transport and store, the installation can be very fine, saving a lot of manpower and material costs.

In short, while ensuring the effectiveness, calculate the economic account and use new and reusable booth materials whenever possible.