How to let the exhibitors stay in the booth when they see the booth

Update:May 2019,17

The booth construction products are placed around the n […]

The booth construction products are placed around the negotiation area. When the audience is interested in the product and sit down and understand clearly, the exhibits in the negotiation area can increase the audience's love for the products, which is conducive to increasing the negotiation time or directly contributing to the order. At the same time, the background wall is affixed with product promotional materials, which makes the audience more easy to understand the product. Such booth construction greatly increased the profitability of exhibitors.
Booth construction highlights the focus of exhibits. A powerful booth is built using lighting and other props to highlight the key points. The use of lighting is a good way to present the exhibits in the visual of the participating audience, thus attracting the interest of the audience.
The booth was built neatly and uniformly. If there are too many products in the booth construction, it is necessary to consider the product layout to be unified layout design, and form a neat and unified image. The product classification is neat and conducive to product sales and negotiation. It is more conducive to the exhibitors to see the products they need to understand in the booth design and construction. The goal is to make the exhibitors find more quickly, which will attract the interest of the exhibitors to facilitate the transaction.