4 potential problems in exhibition design

Update:May 2019,25

First, understand the main purpose of exhibitors exhibi […]

First, understand the main purpose of exhibitors exhibitors

Regardless of what we do, we will focus on the purpose, and the exhibition design is no exception. Before we design, we must understand the purpose of the exhibitor's participation in this exhibition. It is to sell products, recruit agents, push corporate brands and popularity, etc., which one is the main one, we focus on which part when designing, such as: if the product is mainly sold, we will design space when designing Excessive placement in the product layout design, if it is to promote the brand and visibility, the corporate culture and company honors, history into the exhibition design, the most intuitive and most attractive display way for the audience.

Second, understand the exhibitor's budget for exhibition design and production

Some designers used the idea of ​​some of their own stars to make a luxury design when they were designing the exhibition. The final design of the booth was too expensive and the exhibition budget was very different. Then, you have to change or redesign, which leads to more and less design tonality in the end, and some designers have mood swings.

3. What are the taboos for exhibitors on the color and elements of the exhibition design?

This is also a crucial point. It may be said that the color matching and elements of the booth are very attractive and creative, but they are directly denied in the hands of the exhibitors, or they may be considered by the customer to have problems in the design process. I don’t know. Communicate with the company before design to see which color tone tabs the exhibitor company has, which part of the company's main color is important, and which elements can't be involved.

Fourth, let exhibitors do multiple-choice questions to improve design efficiency

In communicating with exhibitors, don't throw out some very broad questions, so that he can't answer them. Just polite greetings and then enter the theme. For example, in the booth design, you can design two types of emissions. The way, send the exhibitor to let them make choices, don't ask, how do you think the emissions are better? So they don't know from which point to answer this question, and directly choose to let them give their opinions, which can save the exhibitor's time better and will not make them feel trouble, so we should communicate with the exhibitors. Pay attention to this in order to better enhance the customer experience.