How to make outreach execution more express yourself in the booth

Update:Jan 2019,11

There are some outreach implementations, especially in […]

There are some outreach implementations, especially in some large booth designs, where designers will generalize, abstract, and stereoscopically process the graphical parts of the corporate logo. Therefore, it is different from other booth styles and reflects the design characteristics of the company itself. The graphic part of the corporate logo is the graphic symbol used by merchants and enterprises to facilitate information transmission. It is the main part of the corporate logo, and the symbol is clear and simple. The image fully reflects the corporate spirit and industry characteristics, which is easy for the relevant person to identify. The basic shape of the exhibition stand in the design of the exhibition hall is the skeleton of the entire exhibition stand. The influence of the shape of the outreach design on the far-sight effect is especially important. As we all know, the key to the success of an exhibition design is whether it can attract the attention of the audience, especially the audience, and make them interested in the content displayed. The outreach design is designed to have a strong visual appeal. And visual impact, this will cause the audience to have an interest in the exhibition hall, and directly deepen the memory and recognition of the exhibitors. So how to highlight yourself in a large number of booths to achieve good visual effects, the key is to see whether there is any individual design in the outreach design that is different from other booths.