What is the connection between booth production and the construction of the booth?

Update:Jan 2019,04

There are many links between booth production and booth […]

There are many links between booth production and booth construction. Exhibitors who often attend the exhibition know that it is not easy to participate in the exhibition. From the preliminary preparation booth to the exhibition dismantling, many homework has been done. The establishment of the booth is an important part of the exhibition. If the placement of the exhibition is done well, it will directly affect the flow of people during the period. However, some exhibiting companies have their own planning department, and they are now planning the booth. They only need the exhibition service company to build the booth, so they will calculate the cost of the booth.

The novelty of the booth production and the establishment of reasonable and beautiful are the primary image left to the professional audience. The differentiated booth planning is like a piece of art, which can attract more attention from the audience and deepen the audience's positive image about the exhibitor brand. If the image of the booth is not good, it will lead to a decline in the attention of professional visitors. Therefore, exhibitors need to find a booth with high cost performance.

However, in addition to the orientation of the booth, there is another factor that needs to be taken into consideration, that is, the price. In fact, most of the exhibitors participating in the exhibition are small and medium-sized enterprises with limited conditions. How to get a cost-effective booth is a more important issue. Although the booths with good orientation and large area will help the exhibitors to participate in the exhibition, the pursuit of the situation and the richness of the exhibition means that the cost of the exhibition will rise, and the policy of the demand for the exhibitors will also rise, and the risk of exhibiting losses faced by the company will naturally Also grow together.