Introduction to booth construction materials and how to select materials

Update:Sep 2019,06

1. The use of wooden materials during the construction […]

1. The use of wooden materials during the construction of the stand. If the stand is constructed using wood materials, it must be coated with a fireproof coating or a fireproof board because of its flammability. The paint on the surface of the board should be smooth and flat, without bumps or agglomeration. The wood material is lighter and more stressful, and can be recycled after the show. It is a good choice to use wooden materials for the stand. The plasticity of the wood is also relatively strong, and the booth can be built according to the different conditions of different pavilions. The disadvantage is that many wood boards have a certain amount of formaldehyde or other chemical agents, which will evaporate a taste. For example, the closed place of the negotiation room should use low-formaldehyde wood boards.

2. The use of glass materials for the booth construction is very important for the selection of glass for the booth. In some shopping places, have you ever had a trip when you went out because the transparent glass of the gate was too transparent? This should be especially noticed when building the booth. Glass such as conference rooms, guest reception rooms, and media reception rooms should be made of frosted glass, not too transparent, or a layer of sandpaper on the glass. When attending the exhibition, everyone came and went in a hurry. The transparent glass may not be noticed. It is easy to hit it when you accidentally.

3, the use of booths to build other materials, the use of paints and other paints should pay attention to the problem of smell, open booths are good, such as conference rooms and other closed occasions, it is best to use odor-free paint. Carpet materials are best to choose light color, more resistant to dirt, carpeting should pay attention to the floor, can not have protrusions, otherwise it is easy to rub the feet, and there is no cracked place, not only affects the appearance, but also easily leads to the crack further Big. It is best to clean the carpet before going to the house every day or change it every day. The use of other materials during the construction of the stand should pay attention to the fire prevention problem, and must be fireproofed to ensure safety.