The most important part of the exhibition design

Update:Sep 2019,29

The exhibition design is divided into many steps. From […]

The exhibition design is divided into many steps. From the first exhibition design plan to the final implementation of the exhibition design, it requires a lot of manpower and financial resources. However, among the many steps, the most important part is the exhibition design. It can be said that without this step, the design of the exhibition will become a piece of paper on the paper and will never be implemented in practice.

It can be seen that the construction is very important for the successful construction of an exhibition stand. The importance of exhibition design and construction determines the many problems and details that need to be paid attention to during the construction of the exhibition.

1. In the process of construction, supporting facilities and materials must be in place, which on the one hand also symbolizes the communication ability of the staff, and can also enhance the feelings of the exhibitors.

2, to use a variety of elements that can be used, exhibition design is also a key point, the best design can be more humane, to allow visitors to have a desire to speak, but also can create a good in many ways The atmosphere.

3. It is important to note that the exhibition design is not a simple exhibition design and exhibition. In addition to allowing visitors to watch the exhibition, there are many senior staff of the company to communicate or Negotiation, this requires a suitable place to be prepared, which is also a point that needs to be designed in the design.

The quotation of booth design and construction mainly includes: design fee, material fee, labor cost, labor cost, transportation fee, worker fare, lighting fee, furniture rental fee, equipment rental fee and art work (stereo word, light box) Lamp posters, photo, instant stickers), green plants, water dispensers, business card box rental fees, if the exhibitors themselves bear the cost of the exhibition hall, they have to pay the electricity box fee, management fee, construction temporary electricity fee (a few exhibitions have), Construction certificate fee, vehicle license fee, insurance fee, and lifting point fee (if any).