What are the top three values of the exhibition?

Update:Aug 2018,31

The so-called information dissemination value of the ex […]

The so-called information dissemination value of the exhibition refers to the exhibition with fast feedback, high efficiency, high-quality market information and efficient communication characteristics. A well-known exhibition is actually an annual industry conference, from the industry association to the industrial chain. Being gathered in a time and space is the moment when the tide of information on the industry comes. It is the sharp moment of massive information in the industry. It is not difficult to find that one of the main signs of the world's leading brand exhibitions is to be able to gather the most influential media participation in the industry. Most of the exhibitions have market policy announcements and industry market macro trend analysis and special forums. More than 50% of enterprises will publish the latest product information to the target consumer groups through exhibitions. Therefore, information dissemination is the most basic value of the exhibition. Any company exhibiting knows this.

Regarding the “value of third-party certification”, the current understanding of domestic enterprises is not very profound. The author puts forward a viewpoint in the discussion of “China Conference and Exhibition Economy and Exhibition Industry in the 21st Century”. The exhibition is a stage product of market economy development, analysis exhibition For historical reasons, it can be known that the exhibition is actually a market for fair trade. It is a specific place for companies to conduct business transactions. Its position is a neutral third party whose certification of exhibition products is equivalent to a third party. Certification has certain objective authority. A simple example is Moutai in Guizhou. The reason why Premier Zhou Enlai named the "National Banquet" in the 1970s to entertain US President Nixon was because Kweichow Moutai was selected as the Panama World Expo in San Francisco in 1915. Gold awards, so the product awards and certifications at the exhibition has become one of the main purposes of corporate marketing.

The “experience value” of the exhibition is reflected in the popular function of the exhibition. Due to the direct participation and experience of the exhibition, an exhibition often becomes a deeply memorable experience. As an industry event, the exhibition can bring together people from all walks of life to an exhibition venue in just 3 to 5 days. Everyone exchanges equally, contacts old customers, meets new customers, discovers potential customers, and spies on competitors. Viewing new products, all activities are based on personal mobilization of the five senses and the equal communication with others, and become the first-hand data basis for the comprehensive analysis of all kinds of information by corporate decision-makers. Uniqueness, timeliness and forward-looking are one of the most important irreplaceable features of an exhibition as a marketing tool that distinguishes it from other marketing methods.