What is the activity process of the exhibition?

Update:Nov 2018,29

1, quiz activities, ready microphone, audio LCD TV, etc […]

1, quiz activities, ready microphone, audio LCD TV, etc., the master of ceremonies ready to send information about your products to the visitors, to ask questions about your products, answer prizes (the prize can also be your company's products) This multiple promotion is better and can attract a lot of viewers. (four booths or more)
2. The simpler point is to try eating, tasting and other activities. You can ask some hostesses to wear uniforms and invite visitors to try your products. Although this form is old-fashioned, it is very practical. (. Above a standard booth)
3.T stage show, the venue should be arranged in the form of a catwalk, then the model or the hostesses holding your product to appear, you can attach a simple introduction to the product. This event requires a certain amount of strength, and the scale of this exhibition is large (or it is a waste of spending so much), but the T-show is the strength of your company.
4. Distribute small gifts related to the company, such as fans, small bags, small crafts, company products, etc.
5. Using the microphone, send a professional to the presentation of the product and introduce it. The most important thing is clear and humorous.
6. In fact, an exhibition is good or not. The most important thing is to choose an exhibition, choose a location, choose a product, select a staff, first of all, a good exhibition, even if you have no experience in exhibiting, but the flow is sufficient, the effect is still very good. of. In the second choice position, the main channel of the exhibition is generally unable to keep customers. If the large special booth can be placed in the main passage, it should also be noted that the average person has a right-wing tendency, so the position on the right side of the door is better.