What do you need to do the exhibition?

Update:Dec 2018,07

1) Exhibit selection: Exhibits are the most important f […]

1) Exhibit selection: Exhibits are the most important factor that exhibitors can directly impress the viewers. According to incomplete statistics, among the memory factors of the visit, the attractiveness of the exhibits can account for 39% of the total, so special attention should be given. Three principles of sample selection:
a) Targeted -- means that the exhibits must conform to the purpose, policy, nature and content of the exhibit.
b) Representation -- means that the exhibits should reflect the high-tech, production capacity and characteristics of the exhibitors.
c) Uniqueness -- It means that the exhibits must have their own unique features, so that they are obviously different from other similar products.

2) Display method: In most cases, the exhibit itself does not explain its full performance. It shows all the features and needs to be explained, emphasized and rendered by means of other materials or equipment. Consider allowing visitors to actively participate on the site and prepare some small package samples for free distribution. These are all intended to arouse the interest of visitors and increase the desire of merchants to purchase.

3) Booth design: On the surface, the task of booth design should focus on aesthetics. In fact, it is not so simple. The main reason is that the booth should fully reflect the image of the exhibitor and attract the attention of the visitors. Therefore, it is also necessary to pay attention to the design of the booth to coordinate with the overall trade atmosphere; b) the design of the booth is to set off the exhibits, and it is not to be overwhelming; c) the design of the booth needs to consider the public image of the exhibitors, not too unconventional d) When designing the stand, do not ignore basic functions such as display, talks, consultation and rest.