What is the difference between the trade fair and the fair?

Update:Dec 2018,21

There are four main differences between exhibitions and […]

There are four main differences between exhibitions and trade fairs:

First, exhibitions are usually one-off activities that do not have a continuous life cycle. In addition, trade fairs last a short time, and many exhibitions last for months, even one year or longer.

Second, the exhibition site is a specially constructed permanent facility. Since the 18th century, there have been examples of construction sites dedicated to exhibitions, which is also a precursor to the show.

Third, although the trade fairs are held regularly, there is no strict organization. Gradually, religious groups and city leaders took control of the venues where trade fairs were held (actually these sites were usually public land) and were not directly in charge of merchandising. However, the exhibition is a matter of strict organization. At first, the exhibition was initiated by the government department or the promotion promotion center, and the company was only invited to participate in the exhibition. In advance, some preparatory work will be done to advertise and find customers.

Fourth, the commercial operation of the exhibition is different from the trade fair. At the trade fair, goods can be sold on-site; at the exhibition, there is usually no commercial activity or sales of exhibiting goods. However, the essence and purpose of the exhibits are to promote future sales. Most exhibitions operate in this way.