What is the exhibition

Update:Dec 2018,13

Exhibitions are shorthand for collective activities suc […]

Exhibitions are shorthand for collective activities such as conferences, exhibitions, and large-scale events. The concept connotation refers to the mass social activities that are formed by many people in a certain geographical space, which are formed by regular or irregular, institutional or non-institutional transmission and exchange of information. The extension of the concept includes various types of expositions and exhibitions. Exhibitions, large-scale conferences, sports competitions, cultural events, festivals, etc. Exhibitions refer to a gathering and exchange activities in a specific time and space around a specific topic. Narrow exhibitions refer only to exhibitions and conferences; general exhibitions are collectively referred to as conferences, exhibitions, festivals and incentive travel. Conferences, exhibitions, expositions, trade fairs, trade fairs, exhibitions, etc. are the basic forms of convention and exhibition activities. The World Expo is the most typical exhibition event.