What is the overall process of making a booth

Update:Dec 2019,06

Although companies now pay more and more attention to e […]

Although companies now pay more and more attention to enterprises and are actively participating in the exhibition, in order to attract more potential customers at the exhibition, many details need to be paid attention to when designing and making booths. There are various forms of booths, but in order to better highlight the advantages of enterprises, we must attach great importance to the design and production of booths. So, what is the entire process of making a booth.

1. Booth design: According to the requirements of the company, design the booth, and combine it with the location of the booth to make a satisfactory picture for customers.

2. Making materials in advance: The exhibition production factory should customize the corresponding texture materials in advance according to the design renderings; after determining the size and materials of the booth, then match colors and lights according to the corresponding company style and image, and submit to customers for review.

3. Modeling construction: After entering the site, it must be implemented strictly in accordance with the previously determined design scheme. Among them, special attention must be paid to the types of materials to ensure that the quality of the materials meets the standards. After the booth is basically formed, painting and other processes are required.

4. Packaging and installation: The overall packaging of the booth should be protected by corners to avoid bumps and scratches. The hardware accessories for assembling each part also need to be packed. Be careful not to omit them, so as not to hinder the subsequent installation process. After the booth materials are delivered to the designated location, they need to be disassembled and assembled in order. Pay attention to whether the configuration of the materials is completely in place during assembly. After the installation, the booth with the lamp tube should be connected to the power supply and used once to ensure that it will not be affected.