Conference venue layout type

Update:Dec 2019,13

Conference Arrangement Companies mainly arrange confere […]

Conference Arrangement Companies mainly arrange conferences into different types according to customer requirements and the nature of the conference. Then, the layout of the conference venue plays a very important role in successfully hosting a conference. Therefore, in the early stage of the meeting, it is necessary to make reasonable arrangements according to the type of meeting, the venue selected for the meeting, and the number of participants, to create an atmosphere of meeting venues. So, what are the common types of conference venues?

1. Theater style. The theater-style arrangement is basically the same as that of a movie theater. The podium is directly in front of it, and the rows of audience (audience) seats facing the podium are generally not provided with tables in front of the seats. The theater-style layout is suitable for meetings and conferences that do not require writing and recording, such as regular meetings and large conferences.

2. Desk style. The desk style is similar to the theater style, except that desks are placed in front of the desk to facilitate writing. There are also some theatre-style conference halls that use concealed seats or folding desks to provide convenience for participants. We also attribute this form of layout to the desk style. The desk-like arrangement is suitable for training meetings organized by professional academic institutions.

3. Banquet style. The banquet is composed of round tables, each round table can seat 5 to 12 people. Banquet-style settings are generally used for Chinese banquets and training meetings. In training sessions, only about six people will be seated at each round table, which will facilitate interaction and communication with people at the same table.

4. Island style. The island-type layout is a long table in an island shape, and is arranged in the middle of the meeting place as a disconnected island situation. Each island can accommodate about 6-12 people. Exhibitions and interactive campaigns.

5, U-shaped. U-shape means that the conference table is arranged in a U-shape with one opening, and the chair is placed around the U-shaped desk; if projection is needed, the projector can be placed in the U-shaped opening. Compared to a conference room of the same area, this type of pendulum can hold fewer people. The U-shape arrangement is generally suitable for small, discussion-type meetings.

6, back to glyphs. The zigzag shape is also called a hollow shape. The conference table is placed in a closed "mouth" shape, and the chair is placed on the periphery of the "mouth". The zigzag is mainly used for small meetings such as board of directors and meetings.