What is the relevant description of the portable booth?

Update:Oct 2018,19

The portable display stand can be applied in various su […]

The portable display stand can be applied in various subjects: the liberal arts class can put a variety of teaching materials, teaching various book layouts directly on the display table, through the application of lighting, the adjustment of the zoom function, you can clearly display Chemistry and physics can carry out some experiments directly on the display stand, so that each student can clearly observe; biological and medical subjects can observe the enlarged image of the object through the use of the display lens (microscope head, etc.). It is also used in conjunction with multimedia projectors, large-screen rear projection TVs, ordinary TV sets, LCD monitors, video recorders, VCDs, DVD players, microphones, etc., and portable video display stands have wider applications in information technology teaching. Due to portable

The display stand features an innovative gooseneck (metal hose) design that makes the portable display stand lighter and more portable than traditional display stands. So now the portable display stand has slowly replaced the traditional display stand.

The portable stand allows you to view high-resolution images on your computer monitor and project them onto a large screen. The Maien Portable Visualizer provides an image plugged into your computer via a USB 2.0 cable. You have the ability to instantly view, capture, annotate, create movies and share images. Just connect the 1.5 m USB cable and you are working. No other connection is required, the lens is also delivered by the USB consignee to the MV-113 powered 1600x1200 HD full color image is completely self-adjusting, so users only need to point and focus on the camera. It will automatically be in bright sunlight or views, low level objects. It can also be focused on a room with 50x magnification, or a room for distance education applications. It can be the image of the fabric or the texture of the moon. With its flexible 20" neck and sturdy foundation, the camera's MV-113 can be easily positioned to view a variety of objects. For quick image positioning, the head is also rotated 180 degrees around the neck.
CD for visual application of PC for special applications. Capture and display scenes in class. Take a look at graphics, experiments, test images, image groups, or this amazing camera with other objects. This camera is an ideal partner for an ImagePro data video projector.