What are the competitions in the exhibition market?

Update:Oct 2018,12

1. Competition between exhibition cities There are doze […]

1. Competition between exhibition cities
There are dozens of cities in China that are positioned in the “Meeting Center City” or “Meeting City”. These cities have increased their investment in urban infrastructure, soft environment construction and brand exhibition cultivation. The fierce competition between exhibition cities is inevitable. Through competition, a reasonable layout of the exhibition area will be gradually formed.
2. Competition of exhibition companies
After all, the exhibition "cake" is limited, and competition among exhibition companies is becoming increasingly fierce. The total number of domestic exhibition halls is excessive and the layout is out of balance. On the one hand, the supply of exhibition halls in Beijing and Shanghai is in short supply, and the rents of exhibition halls are rising, which has greatly increased the pressure on the exhibition organization companies. On the other hand, some small and medium-sized cities have a huge amount of money, which is unsustainable. In recent years, the entry of foreign-invested exhibition companies into China will inevitably intensify competition in the domestic exhibition industry and thus improve the overall development level of China's exhibition industry.
3. Competition for exhibition projects
During the “Tenth Five-Year Plan” period, the number of exhibitions in China has increased dramatically, and the number of exhibitions on the same theme has increased. The competition between these exhibitions is very fierce. Competing exhibitors, competing buyers and audiences compete for various exhibition resources. . Most of the exhibition projects will be re-integrated in the future, and the overall development will be toward large-scale and professional development.
During the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, the overall price level of exhibition booths in the country is still low, but as the participation of enterprises will be more rational, the results of competition in the exhibition market, the survival space of inferior exhibitions and “image exhibitions” will become smaller and smaller, and the brand exhibitions will continue to be smaller. Emerge. Since the booth price fully reflects the quality level of the exhibition and the relationship between supply and demand, the booth of the brand exhibition is in short supply, its price can be several times the average level, and the overall level of the national exhibition price is raised (see Table 13).
4. Competition of exhibition talents
The competition in the future exhibition industry in China is, in the final analysis, the competition for exhibition talents. More and more local governments will formulate policies to encourage the development of the exhibition industry, adopt preferential import measures for exhibition talents, and have high-level exhibition expertise with successful exhibition work experience. Universities around the world have set up conventions and exhibitions to cultivate local exhibition talents. Exhibition companies attach importance to on-the-job training for employees and improve the professional quality of employees' exhibitions.