What issues should be paid attention to when setting up the booth

Update:Apr 2020,03

As a very important venue in exhibition marketing, the […]

As a very important venue in exhibition marketing, the booth must pay special attention to the appearance, color and size of the booth during the design and construction of the booth. In fact, in the process of building the booth, in order to highlight the value of the booth, we must pay attention to many details.

1. The problem of booth construction time, due to budget and other issues, the organizers of the exhibition have reserved a relatively short time for booth design and construction, which gives the booth design and construction contractor certain scheme design and construction difficulties. If it needs to be successfully completed Booth construction must often work overtime, so for booth design and construction companies, time is very precious.

2. The environmental protection problem of the booth is well known. The crowded place will definitely cause waste. Although the exhibition time is not long, the space is also very large. Therefore, the treatment of exhibition waste and garbage has become a very key in the environmental management of the exhibition a part of. Therefore, most of the waste in the exhibition was caused during the construction and demolition of the booth. In order to increase the waste and garbage caused during the demolition, it is necessary for the booth design and construction party to prepare the planning in advance, and when the booth is dismantled, what materials can be recycled.

3. For booth characteristics, the booth designer should prevent the booth design from a single form. Although the materials are the same, it can ensure that the booths on different exhibitions are different. This requires the booth designer to have a variety of booth design experience, in addition to imagination, focus on the safety of the booth structure, and then cooperate with professional booth builders, so that you can build exquisite and unique booths.

4. Safety issues of the stand. At the same time when the stand design is unique and the effect is presented, the safety issue is very important. To ensure the safety of the booth and eliminate all hidden dangers, electricians must pay special attention to the wiring during the construction of the exhibition site. Make sure that the wiring of the booth is safe to avoid accidents.