How to control costs when designing and building a booth

Update:Dec 2019,27

For an enterprise, in the design of booth construction, […]

For an enterprise, in the design of booth construction, a budget is given first, and then a suitable booth design company is found, and the booth design company is given a plan based on the budget. However, some booth design companies often exceed their budgets due to various factors, such as fluctuations in material prices and prolonged construction periods. This is somewhat difficult for enterprises to accept. Therefore, in order to avoid this situation, it is necessary to take some measures to control costs when designing and setting up the booth.

1. The structure is practical, and the design rules are strictly adhered to, so that the reuse efficiency of common design points is high. The booth design and construction are all based on attracting customers with a novel design, eye-catching appearance and unique style. These booths are irreplaceable in the exhibitors' own hearts, but there are exhibition items every quarter and every year. How much money is wasted when time comes to tear it down, so the design structure is clever and the design highlights that can be used repeatedly have become one of the highlights that exhibitors now prefer.

2. Think twice to avoid unnecessary rework and save costs. Every exhibitor goes to the exhibition to bring investors and customers to the company for the purpose of profit and publicity. Therefore, the design and construction of each booth must be carefully planned. If you only look at the immediate interests and choose a team of inexperienced project managers, it may be possible Will work overtime for a little mistake, change the plan for the scene of a big mistake, etc.

3. Under the premise of guaranteed construction quality, materials can be "provincial" and "provincial". The exhibition construction is generally not like the decoration of home improvement and tooling, which requires material quality, durability and durability. Generally, it is enough to pay attention to the effect and ensure safety. Generally, the highlights of each booth are limited. Use several highlights and support points. The material shows the "effect", and the structure is firm and safe. The other minor parts can be made of ordinary materials.