What should I pay attention to when making booths

Update:Apr 2019,19

The safety issues in the production of booths have alwa […]

The safety issues in the production of booths have always been the top priority of the exhibition and cannot be relaxed. Whether it is a two-story booth or a very large display wall, the strength of the connection between each component and component and the balance between the various forces must provide a high standard of safety and safety. Save a lot of trouble.
In the production of booths, we have to be environmentally friendly and not waste. Although the exhibition is a short period of time, the amount of garbage generated is very large. We must set up more trash cans when we are making booths, and we must not throw away the garbage at will. There is also a waste problem. Our booth must choose a recycled material to save costs. It can be used next time.
Security issues and environmental issues are resolved, and your booth will become a high-quality booth. This is something you are different from others.