The importance of color matching in the booth production

Update:Apr 2019,12

The main point of the booth production is the color mat […]

The main point of the booth production is the color matching. The concept of color matching has been popular in recent years. The eating, drinking and living in life are all based on the color, and the building is not weak. Color matching plays an important role in promoting new marketing of commercial enterprises, improving the color planning of cities and buildings, and improving the visual environment of the whole society. There are a lot of color combinations.

Each company has its own logo and main color. The booth should be decorated on the main color of its own company, but remember not to be too fancy. Color should help to express the theme. If the product is aimed at women, you should use more feminine colors to express the mood and atmosphere. Don't be too much color, don't over-stimulate and hurt the viewer's visual organs. The audience should understand the color preferences and taboos, such as using green to create a calm atmosphere, or use green to eliminate fatigue; using purple to give people a sense of security; using blue to make people sensible; using color to reflect femininity and tenderness. These are all points to note, not to be very bright to attract the attention of the audience.