What to consider before building a booth

Update:Jun 2019,10

First, understand the exhibitors' purpose of exhibiting […]

First, understand the exhibitors' purpose of exhibiting. No matter what kind of work, there is a purpose. In design, we need to know what the purpose of exhibitors participating in this exhibition is. Selling products and recruiting agents is still the promotion of corporate brand and popularity. When designing, it is necessary to look at the focus.

Second, understand the cost of booth design and manufacturing budget. When designing the booth, some designers always use their own ideas to combine the exhibitors' exhibits and make a luxurious design. After all, the booths designed are too expensive, and the budget of the exhibitors is similar. Redesigning, forming a design map to the end, there is no coordination, which wastes time.

3. What are the taboos on the color harmonics and elements of the booth design? This is very important. The color matching and elements in this exhibition hall are very attractive and conceived. Can be sent to the hands of exhibitors, they are directly denied, or perhaps the customer feels that the company has certain problems in the design process. I didn't come to communicate before designing. Some exhibitors may have some color tone.

Fourth, when designing the booth, exhibitors should be allowed to make multiple-choice questions to improve the power of the design. In the exchange, don't ask a lot of questions, so that the exhibitors don't know how to reply. You need to make a courtesy greeting before you enter the theme. When doing a question, don't give too many answers, but do multiple choice questions.