Four types of exhibition design

Update:May 2019,31

I. Booth design for exhibition design From dozens of fl […]

I. Booth design for exhibition design

From dozens of flat standard booths to hundreds of flats of auto show technology exhibitions, as well as some outdoor large-scale engineering equipment exhibitions belong to the booth design.

The most important aspect of booth design is to focus on the unity of shape and target brand image.
Compared to other design types, the booth has a shorter display cycle.
Second, the design of the exhibition hall

Enterprise technology display experience, city planning hall, sales experience center, etc. can be classified as exhibition halls.

The difference between showroom design and other designs is that there is no need to emphasize the brand image too much, the focus is on the rhythm of the content and the final output to the visitors.

The exhibition hall has a relatively long cycle and is more durable in terms of workmanship.
Third, the design of the event design

Carnivals, celebrations, festivals, stages, conferences, conferences, etc. can be called activities.

The activity is characterized by a purposeful large-scale interaction, in which the various interactive links are the most important design points, and the form and service of interaction are the key points.

The period of activity is relatively short and the links are not necessarily the whole.
Fourth, the retail design of the exhibition design

Shopping malls, supermarkets, specialty stores, pedestrian streets, etc. can be called retail design.

This type of design is more inclined to sell, light display, stimulate more consumption under reasonable conditions, display form and overall style must be taken into account.