Analysis of the classification of exhibition design

Update:Jul 2019,18

In all kinds of exhibitions of various kinds, the exhib […]

In all kinds of exhibitions of various kinds, the exhibitors' presentation methods always have some advantages and disadvantages. Today is not to discuss how to do the exhibition design, but to take a look at science and technology, so that you can distinguish the many exhibition designs. classification?

First of all, our most common is the booth design. Small to standard booths, hundreds of thousands of squares of auto shows, technology exhibitions, or some large outdoor engineering equipment exhibitions should be considered booth design. Although this span is a bit large, there are some even a whole building from the outside to the interior, such as the Expo Pavilion, but they are the same in terms of design form and mode of thinking. The design of the booth focuses on the unification of the styling and the target image. Compared with other categories, the booth has a short service life, and most of them will be dismantled in three or two days. Even if there are some individual, it will not be a long-term work, and there will be no after-sales demand. .

Followed by the exhibition hall design. Enterprise Technology Exhibition Experience Hall, City Planning Hall, Enterprise Development History Exhibition Hall, Sales Experience Center, etc., can be classified as exhibition hall design. The difference in the design of the exhibition hall is that it is already inside the brand, without too much emphasis on the brand image, focusing on the rhythm of the content and ultimately the viewer's perception output. This kind of exhibition hall has a long service life, and the work of materials needs to be more durable. Some even need to change the content periodically. For this reason, it is necessary to organize a special project team to provide after-sales service.

The third is the event design. Carnivals, celebrations, ceremonies, festivals, conferences, conferences, etc. can all be classified into event design. The characteristics of such activities are purpose-oriented large-scale interactive activities, in which the various interactive links are the focus of design. This type of design combines the characteristics of booth design and exhibition hall design, but the focus is different. All the design is carried out around the convenience of interaction. The material life cycle is generally short compared with the booth design.

In fact, there is another type of design that may also be classified as a display design. That is the retail design. The classic in this respect is the store design of the Apple store. Driven by Apple, many mobile phone brands and cosmetics brands pay more attention to their store retail design.

However, there is currently no strict division of the exhibition and display industry types. It is often that you have me and me, but the design focus is still different.