What details should I pay attention to during the construction of the stand?

Update:Jul 2019,27

More and more companies are paying more attention to th […]

More and more companies are paying more attention to the construction of booths. A good booth can not only attract more customers to watch, but also better display the company's products.

1. Booth construction needs to remember the booth number

In the booth construction, many booths were well decorated. They could not be found for a long time and did not find the booth number. They were finally found in a certain corner. This highlights the importance of the booth number. Especially for small exhibitors, the booth number is the most important sign that customers can find you. According to the information distributed in the past, it is necessary to find the booth. The troubles caused by the unclear booth number make the past work in vain. Therefore, the booth number cannot be ignored.

2. The temperature of the light

This kind of place is very important to the lighting decoration, especially the color and brightness of the light. Many people do not pay attention to the temperature of the light. If you want the booth to be very bright, you need to use high-power, high-brightness lights when building the booth. High-power lamps can increase brightness and generate temperature. Under such lighting, it will be very hot for a long time.

3. The smell of the exhibition site

Originally, when building the booth, it was necessary to create a very good visual effect. On the hardware, there was nothing to say. It looked very satisfactory. It smelled bad and it would be very uncomfortable. Especially in the negotiation room, when you talk to customers about orders, success or failure is here. Therefore, the smell of the negotiation room needs to pay more attention, so as to ensure that when negotiating with the customer, it will not be affected and the entire negotiation work will be completed smoothly.