Booth design and precautions

Update:Nov 2019,08

For a participating company, in order to achieve good r […]

For a participating company, in order to achieve good results, we must pay attention to the design of the booth and attract more attention through the prominent booth design. Then, what methods can the booth design company adopt when designing the booth? In fact, the rational use of the "simple method" is also a very important part of the booth design.

In the exhibition, various forms of booths often make visitors feel tired. The design of the stand should be attractive and pleasing to the eye, giving a good impression and making a deep impression. There are many factors in the design of the booth. It is necessary to use art to combine these factors, so that it can produce good visual effects and good psychological effects is the basic requirement of exhibition design.

With the continuous development of the exhibition industry, the designer's style should also change. At the beginning of the design booth, the overall framework should be transformed in the mind. Make good use of the design space, and the designed booth should not be too restrictive. Not too full. Such as: the door of the booth, the general large enterprises exhibiting, the door is generally the name of the company, or the name of the new product, there is no other intimate words, and some companies in the exhibition can not wait to publish all the information of the company around the booth, More words will affect the appearance. Therefore, it is appropriate to add it. If you don't add it, you don't add it. The elements are dense, and you feel that you have a special cottage. The main color of the booth should also be controlled in three colors, so that you won't feel confused.

During the construction of the booth, the construction personnel shall not be able to make fire in the exhibition hall. If it is necessary to carry out the construction of the fire (such as open flame, electric welding, gas welding), it must be reported to the Ministry of Security before the undertaking unit, and the site shall agree to the fire safety precautions. Work before you can construct or play.

The materials used in the booth production process shall not contain flammable products. During the construction process, fire-fighting equipment and fire-fighting equipment shall not be used for other purposes. Fire-fighting equipment shall not be used for construction and decoration. Fire-fighting equipment shall not be used for other purposes. The materials and exhibits constructed cannot obstruct the fire hydrant and cannot occupy the fire exit.

All the structures of the booth cannot be capped, and the interval from the ceiling should not be less than 50 cm, and the distance from the wall should not be less than 60 cm.

The time of the exhibition is very short, so the construction time given by the organizer is shorter, the redesign and construction is definitely very fast, and the effect is definitely not good, which affects the results of the exhibition. Therefore, remind all exhibitors or contractors, regardless of the type of exhibition where they participate, they should know the local regulations in advance to avoid accidents, reduce losses and ensure the smooth development of the exhibition.