Exhibition construction concept and booth design key points

Update:Nov 2019,01

First, the concept of exhibition construction The simpl […]

First, the concept of exhibition construction

The simple design is a business service for various exhibitions, which belongs to the commercial service industry. The earliest exhibition in China is estimated to be the Canton Fair.

Second, the booth design of the exhibition

Enterprises do not pay attention to this piece of work, just feel that their products are in good quality at the exhibition, the price is competitive, there is no need to do those superficial work. This is a big mistake. As the saying goes, flowers still have green leaves to set off. Having a good booth in a good exhibition is not only good for the company to market at the show but also to show the strength of the company. The booths of the company are doing well and being high-end. The potential customers passing by will see the progress of the stage and make it easy to make business. In addition, some companies have made a few cabinets in order to save costs, which is not only the low-end but also makes the company look very weak, which greatly reduces their marketing effect.

Booth design is a commercial service, which is different from general business services. Other business services may be stable and static, but the design of the booth is different. This service will vary from show to show, from location to booth, and from product style to style. Therefore, this business service is diversified. The design of the booth must be a job that can be done well by the cooperation between the company and the design company. If not, there will be such a delay.

Third, the booth design of the exhibition

1. Defining the style and development direction of the booth design: display display, lighting, color design matching, spatial function division and selection of exhibits around the style to be highlighted, so that the design effect is better for business services.

2. Defining the characteristics and advantages of the product, and handling the relationship between the design of the booth and the product: combining the characteristics of the product to display the product in a partition, and combining the characteristics of the series to design the showcase and the surrounding environment to better set off the product.