Booth design environmental protection and safety in the first place

Update:Aug 2019,16

During the design of the booth, the exhibition hall has […]

During the design of the booth, the exhibition hall has strict control over the safety of environmental protection and construction. In order to make the exhibition go smoothly as scheduled, the security work of the exhibition hall is more comprehensive. However, with the exhibitions in various industries, the booth design is carried out. The pollution and waste caused by materials are becoming more and more serious. In order to avoid this situation, the country highly praises the way of environmental protection and the fire protection requirements for booth design materials are gradually improved.

The ceiling of the booth at the time of booth design, because of the requirements of fire prevention, generally adopts metal grille and aluminum profile suspended ceiling, which is not only safe from the point of view, but also easier to install and disassemble, but also to block the fire source, ventilation and ventilation.

The design of the booth should be environmentally friendly on the basis of safety. The design of the booth should use environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. It is necessary to use materials that are not harmful to the human body and the environment according to national regulations, and also to pass the national environmental protection certification. Booth construction must eliminate all materials that are high in radiation, high in pollution, and harmful to the human body, especially materials that are prohibited by the state.

There are also many types of environmentally friendly materials, which are determined by the degree of harm to the human body. Like gypsum board, it is characterized by fire prevention, pollution prevention and high sound insulation. The key point is that the price is very low, which is a very practical and environmentally friendly material.

In the process of booth design, people often ask what kind of material can be called environmentally friendly materials. In fact, another way to understand whether the exhibition materials are environmentally friendly is to see if this material can be reused in the booth design. Environmentally friendly materials should be able to achieve maximum recycling while meeting display functions. Only by saving money and cost to achieve economic benefits, and then ensuring its safety, can it be regarded as a real exhibition environmental protection material!