Common booth construction materials

Update:Oct 2019,26

First, the wood Square wood is generally used for suppo […]

First, the wood

Square wood is generally used for supporting frames for exhibition stands, exhibition stands, and display panels. Wood panels are mainly used for countertops and partitions, or directly for panel display without frame support, but with the improvement of environmental awareness and cost, composite The proportion of materials used is increasing. There are also many types of wood, and the texture of different woods is not the same.

Second, the metal

The choice of metal materials increases the strength of the morphological structure, such as the booth frame of heavy exhibits, the connecting members of large spans, the texture of different metals, reflecting the modern industrial temperament, but it is difficult for on-site construction, so it is often combined and Standard display forms appear and can be used multiple times. Generally speaking, metal trusses are widely used in the construction of exhibition booths. The metal trusses are light in weight, easy to set up and transport, long span, high in compression capacity, strong in anti-corrosion and durability, and can be divided into square frames and tripods in shape. And the special-shaped frame, the other type can be divided into the plug-type truss and the screw-type truss from the installation category. When assembling, it can be assembled and assembled with each other. It can be built with different styles, low cost, fast construction time, and should be rated as The first choice for the special installation of the exhibition.

In recent years, materials such as stainless steel and aluminum alloy have been widely used, and many electronic products and automobile showrooms use such materials.

Third, plastic

The plastic cost is low, and it is easy to form and simple to manufacture. It is generally used as a veneer or props for exhibition boards and exhibition stands, such as the frame of the exhibition board, the partition board, and the combination office equipment.

At present, most of the exhibition venues are constructed in a temporary manner. For the convenience of transportation, quick construction and beautiful appearance, light materials are often used.