What aspects of the exhibition theme planning need to pay attention to

Update:Oct 2019,19

1. Carefully curated the theme of the exhibition The tr […]

1. Carefully curated the theme of the exhibition

The trend of segmentation and specialization of modern exhibitions is becoming more and more obvious. A successful exhibition project should expand on its own advantages, explore common grounds in related exhibition themes, and give the exhibition the same or similar market positioning. The same and similar marketing strategies serve the target markets that are closely related to each other, and gradually form an “industrial group.” The exhibition “industrial group” not only helps to enhance the overall gold content of the exhibition brand, but also helps to reduce the promotion cost. The exhibition will be built into a comprehensive platform for information exchange, product display and trade cooperation in the industry. Opening up the industrial chain is a prominent feature of the international leading exhibition. Compared with foreign exhibitions, the concept of “series exhibitions” adopted in China is relatively simple, and it is often only a separate exhibition of different exhibitions of an industry exhibition. For example, the "Building Materials Series Exhibition" has "stone exhibition", "roof material exhibition", "lighting exhibition", "home hardware exhibition", etc., lacking a wider perspective.

2. The subject needs to be identified by brand or trademark

In the increasingly fierce competition in the exhibition market, there will always be some exhibitions with the same theme, similar subjects or even plagiarism, especially in the case that China's intellectual property protection system is still not perfect. As an exhibition organization, we should be able to look forward to the theme selection, establish brand awareness, foster brand exhibitions and timely register and protect trademarks.

3. Pay attention to the audience's feelings about the theme of the exhibition

The exhibition is known as the industry barometer, so it is necessary to track the latest developments of the industry in the exhibition in real time, and adjust the theme of the exhibition in a timely manner through new establishment, division, expansion and merger, so that the exhibition always maintains a strong vitality.

4. Pay attention to the cultural connotation of the exhibition theme

The function of the exhibition mainly stays at the level of promoting commercial sales and trade, while the overseas exhibition has integrated cultural elements, opening up a space for the audience to experience the world culture and enjoy technological innovation. The theme of the exhibition reflects professionalism and a strong culture and contemporary atmosphere. Building the exhibition into an industry education platform is a new trend in the development of the exhibition industry. Overseas exhibitions can often be seen in industry research institutions and education and training, bringing the latest research results and the most advanced industry concepts.