What details highlight the overall effect of the exhibition hall

Update:Dec 2019,20

For many companies, if they participate in large-scale […]

For many companies, if they participate in large-scale exhibitions, in order to achieve a good exhibition effect, they pay great attention to the design of the exhibition hall. And in order to highlight the overall effect of the exhibition hall, we will find a professional exhibition hall design company for design and construction. Then, when designing and building the exhibition hall, you can pay attention to the details to highlight the overall effect of the exhibition hall.

1. The presentation is attractive enough. In the exhibition, people always move constantly. In this process, how to catch their eyes and stay in the exhibition area for a longer period of time. This requires designing a flat visual form. The specific approach is to pay attention to the relationship between text and graphics, pay attention to the harmony and unity of each element, and echo the theme.

2. Highlight the characteristics. The booth construction and installation plan should highlight the characteristics of the exhibits. In the exhibition, the audience's interest and attention are focused on the design and construction of the booth. The product characteristics within the booth are also an important means of attracting customers.

3. Customer perspective. The booth design and construction should attract the attention of customers, and should be designed from the perspective of customer interests. Before looking for the booth construction company's design plan, analyze the data information such as corporate data and customer interests, so as to give the booth construction company an approximate design plan for the booth construction Ask for style.

4. The primary and secondary are distinct. The booth design and construction plan should be clear. The clear theme display design allows customers to more intuitively receive corporate information. The booth construction avoids themes without receiving information. The booth design must reflect the theme. Color, layout, and graphics can be used. Text and other factors, design a simple and unified information style display theme.