How to save cost and achieve results when booth construction

Update:Apr 2019,04

1. Considering in advance, the booth production avoids […]

1. Considering in advance, the booth production avoids deviations in the construction. If there is no experience in the exhibition, it is very likely that the small mistakes will be exhausted during the exhibition time, and the construction plan will be changed for the big mistake. Some exhibitors asked for additional projects during the exhibition, so they had to work overtime. Exhibitors may not care about the increased rent of the venue and the overtime pay of the workers. However, if the exhibitor communicates with the construction company for a little more time in design and construction, it not only saves resources, but also establishes high quality and efficiency of exhibitors and construction companies. image of.

2. The structural design is rigorous, so that the booth can be used repeatedly. Pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of the booth production scheme. Generally, the function is perfect, the image is outstanding, and the shape is unique. The structure is ingenious, and the booth can be used repeatedly and updated. Important aspect.

3. The selection of decoration materials can save the province's booth construction. It does not require the same durability as public decoration and home decoration, and does not consider the construction quality problems caused by time and season changes. The goal of the exhibition is to highlight the effects while ensuring safety.