Special settings for the exhibition

Update:Sep 2018,20

International Logistics Enterprise Summit Forum:The sum […]

International Logistics Enterprise Summit Forum:The summit was jointly organized by China Logistics Industry Association, China Storage Association, Shanghai Logistics Association, Shanghai Warehouse Association, China Logistics and Purchasing Federation and China's leading logistics industry brands and more than 100 government officials and authoritative experts across the country. Well-known entrepreneurs participated in this summit.

The content of the design resources, including award-winning products, academic works, professional publications, etc., is splendid. Up to more than 20 lectures, forums, conferences, symposiums, and other industry exchanges will spark the industry's talents. The grand scale of the exhibition, the top of the products, the gathering of high-end brands, the wide range of themes, the excitement of the exhibition, the richness of the activities, and the popularity of the people are the most representative of the exhibition. It is also the most representative and influential in the field of logistics industry. Professional activities.