What should I pay attention to about the exhibition?

Update:Sep 2018,13

1. During the designated vehicle ride, the delegates ar […]

1. During the designated vehicle ride, the delegates are requested to carry the representative card with them and take the vehicle at the designated vehicle. Do not change the vehicle at will. If you have special requirements, please contact the conference team in time.
2. During the meeting, please observe the meeting schedule, remind each other, take care of each other, and follow the guidance of the staff;
3. During the meeting, please keep your belongings and do not store valuables in the car;
4. During the meeting, if you are unable to participate in the group activities in special circumstances, you need to temporarily leave the meeting, please inform the meeting group in time;
5. After the meeting, if you still need to stay and need help, please contact the conference team.
The organization of the conference is an important part of the conference. Many small details are reflected in the organization of the conference. Therefore, there are the following points when paying attention to the organization of the conference:
1. Before the meeting, it is necessary to thoroughly consider the purpose of holding the meeting and prepare the outline for reporting, questioning, investigating or discussing at the meeting.
Second, the list of people attending the meeting should be selected according to the content, nature and needs of the meeting. The number of participants in the meeting shall be determined according to the content of the meeting, the expected effect of the meeting, and the venue conditions. The number of meetings for in-depth discussion of some issues may be less. There may be more people in the survey, commemorative and promotional meetings.
Third, in order to make the meeting effective, according to the content of the meeting, some people should be considered to give priority to the speech before the meeting, and some key divisions of work should be made in the speech.
Fourth, try to understand the situation of the participants as much as possible, organize some networking activities during the adjournment of the meeting to enhance understanding and deepen feelings. After the meeting, you should continue to maintain a certain relationship with the meeting staff, in case you need to cooperate.
5. According to the arrangement of the meeting, determine the address of the meeting and arrange the main venue and the place for group discussion. Accommodation meetings should also arrange rooms to implement various accommodation and accommodation issues.
6. According to the time schedule of the meeting, the meeting notice shall be issued. The meeting notice shall be early, and the content shall be clear and specific, such as the date, place, meeting deadline, schedule, meeting topics, tickets and items to be taken.
7. After the meeting begins, keep abreast of the dynamics of the meeting, collect and organize the progress of the meeting, and pay attention to arranging the recording personnel during the meeting.
8. Before the end of the meeting, contact the ticket and ticket returned by the meeting staff, and strive to clear the room and board fees as early as possible.
IX. After the conclusion of the meeting, it is necessary to do a good job in the aftermath of the various documents and materials of the meeting. The briefings or documents should be sent out as soon as possible. All kinds of records, speeches, original materials, etc., should be filed.
10. Pay attention to the reasonable arrangement of the meeting schedule and arrange some entertainment and sports activities to reduce the fatigue of the participants and the atmosphere of the meeting.