What is the difference between an exhibition and a conference?

Update:Sep 2018,28

Conferences and exhibitions are collectively referred t […]

Conferences and exhibitions are collectively referred to as exhibitions, but they vary greatly in substance and scale. The following sections analyze the differences between conferences and exhibitions in terms of orientation, repeatability, site requirements, service scope, and number of participants.
First, the guidance is different
The exhibition is market oriented and the meeting is conditional. Exhibitions should follow the market, and there is an exhibition market, and there is an exhibition. The exhibition hall is built there to cooperate, not the other way around. The conference is held differently. Going to a city office depends on whether the city has a good conference and exhibition center, enough housing, how much rent, and how communication equipment is.
Second, different repeatability
The exhibition is repetitive and the repetitiveness of the meeting is small. Many exhibitions are held every year, and some large exhibitions are held once every two or even four years. And those large-scale international conferences are arranged in different continents, different countries, different cities, and repetitive in the same city. For example, APEC, the next time you come to Shanghai, it will be about 30 years later.
Third, the venue requirements are different
The exhibition requires a large area and a long time to use. In addition, the application for admission to the museum and the museum will take longer. The venue requirements for the meeting were scattered and the time was short, and the time for entering the museum was not long.
Fourth, the scope of service is different
Some of the services of the exhibition, such as booth construction and transportation, are the responsibility of the exhibition contractor. The exhibition area only provides infrastructure; the conference relies on the venue to provide comprehensive services, including audio, communication, information systems, venue layout and so on. In addition, in terms of catering services, the requirements of the exhibition are relatively simple, generally provide basic catering, and the catering service of the meeting requires comprehensive, usually have lunch, breakfast, dinner, and refreshments during the meeting.
Fifth, the number of participants is different
There are a large number of participants in the exhibition, generally there are tens of thousands of people, the number of meetings is much less than that of exhibitions, and the meetings of thousands of people are large-scale. Meetings and exhibitions have different requirements for a convention and exhibition center, and their management methods should also be different.