Three major points in the furniture industry exhibition

Update:Oct 2019,12

1. Design style First of all, furniture is what we need […]

1. Design style

First of all, furniture is what we need every day. Then, in the design of the booth, it is necessary to fit the product to create a home feeling. Different styles of products are displayed in different areas. Use lighting, tones and accessories to achieve results.

However, the design shape can not be too complicated, and it will take a lot of time in the construction. It will not be able to handle the details.

2. The theme is clear

Furniture is available in a variety of styles and styles. If there are too many elements in your booth, the customer will not know the primary and secondary. It is recommended that exhibitors take the new product as the main theme, and the other elements should be used in a proper part.

3. Time aspect

Your booth will be perfect no matter how good the previous design is. It is a waste to do nothing on the spot. It is necessary to control the construction time. If the booth area is large and complex, it is recommended to apply for an extra day to come to the exhibition. The enterprises that come to exhibit in civil furniture are relatively large products, and some products even need to be assembled on site. Professional furniture exhibition builders are prepared in advance, leaving customers with enough time to place products and make future product adjustments.