10ft backdrop stand

10ft backdrop stand

Item #: Xp0304-18009

Size: 10ft

Your Price: $634.99

● Aluminum frame
● Custom-printed fabric graphic with endcaps(sides)
● Packing in carry bag 


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● Tool free assembly—Just "unfold" the  frame, so fast.
● Lightweight—Take it with you easily by plane or train.
● Seamless graphic— One graphic covers the front and sides 
● Silicone-Edged Graphics— Fabric stretches tight across the frame for a flatter & solid look.



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● Single or double sides graphics

● Monitor bracket

● Shelf

● Counter 1m or 2m; backlit counter

● LED light

● Stablizing foot

● Packing: wheeled bag or carry bag




Xpop up display:

Xpop up display is based on a principle of traditional popup frame plus invented bungee connected bars with channels fitting Silicon Edge textile Graphic. This invention solves many popular velcro fabric popups, and has some main advantages:










Q1.Can we choose customized size?
A1:Yes. the size is as you required

Q2.Can I build it by myself?

A2. Yes, you can build it by yourself and don't need any tools.

Q3. How long can I finish the installation ?

A3. 5 minutes, it is fast and easy.

A4.Can you print the graphic?
A4: Yes, we can. Please just provide us original pictures 
Q5.What weight is for a booth 3x3(10x10') and 6x6(20x20')?

A5. 3x3, only 11kgs.

       6x6, only 18kgs.


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